Monday, November 21, 2005

Girl Power - Financial Times

Financial Times (
Girl power
By Noha Mellor
Published: November 11 2005 13:10 | Last updated: November 11 2005 13:10

Nancy, a young and attractive Arab woman with long flowing hair, blue eyes and fluttering eyelashes, is serving the drinks in a cafe where all the customers are young men. She flits among the tables, smiling and wearing a skimpy dress. Then she looks into the camera and sings: “Yes, I might be angry with you. But no, I won’t leave you.”

Music videos featuring young, feisty women might be common elsewhere. But in the Arab world, videos - or “video clips”, as they are known locally - of female singers dancing and flirting in an apparently liberated way are indicators of a social and artistic revolution at the heart of society. And Nancy Ajram, the Lebanese performer in this particular video, is just one of a growing number of a new kind of Arab female star.


At 12:17 AM, Blogger pascal. said...

My initial thoughts on the article:

- Nancy Ajram's video clips have been portraying images of "stereotypical" gay men (a hairdresser in "Yay") and cross-dressing ("Ya Salam").

- I find it interesting that they left out one of the most distinguishing features of Nancy Ajram - her cheeks. (I have conversations with numerous gay men from the Middle East that are cosmetically altering their cheeks to resemble her.) It is rumored that she had them cosmetically altered before the release of her "Yay" album.

- I cringed at the use of "skimpy" to described her clothing.

- I agree with the article. Nancy matters if we're going to understand how any "social... revolution" is taking place in Lebanon/Middle East.


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